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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

Halfway through season 2, disc 3 now. It's surprising how much of the "Who Mourns for Adonais" score is based on the "Charlie X" score, with some interpolations from "Mudd's Women" and a bit of "Corbomite Maneuver." In fact, all three of Steiner's S2 scores are built largely around themes he used in S1. I wonder why I (and others, I think) find that so much less annoying when Steiner does it than when James Horner constantly reuses his own stuff. Perhaps it's because Steiner only recycled within the same series, rather than using the same motifs and set pieces in unrelated movies. So it feels more like a valid continuation and development process rather than just self-imitation. Also Steiner's choices of themes to reuse were pretty appropriate. There are a lot of parallels between Charlie and Apollo, right down to their final moments, so using the same themes makes sense. Using Eve McHuron's theme for Carolyn is a bit of a stretch, but it didn't begin until Apollo transformed her costume, so maybe the common thread is seductive illusions/artifice. The Romulans and the Terran Empire are both spacegoing bad guys, a bit of a tenuous parallel but a clear one. And the reuse of Andrea's theme for Kelinda makes sense since they're both artificial women. The Kelvans' theme, though, is a reworking of the motif for Mudd's women and the Venus drug, so that's harder to see unless we're back to illusion again.
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