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Re: Is WB simply afraid of Wonder Woman?

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I can't really relate to men or women doing that, as those aren't exactly traits/skills of mine. But while seeing male characters doing so can serve as wish fulfillment/projection fantasies for me personally, female characters can't.
I think this is actually a significant problem. But I also think it can be solved by paying careful attention to the male supporting roles. Since we can't fulfill the usual (male) fantasies, the filmmakers have to find some other fantasy to fulfill.

Now: most guys, at some point in their lives, have crushed on some girl or woman who was way out of their league.

So: we create a male supporting character--a spear carrier who is kind of nerdy, kind of geeky, kind of awkward. Not terribly so, but enough to be noticeable--especially around Wonder Woman.

He is smitten with her, but she doesn't pay much attention to him--at first. He knows his cause is hopeless, but he nonetheless strives to make himself helpful and useful--to be good friend. Gradually, Wonder Woman notices him, and starts to consider him a valuable comrade--even encouraging him to live up to the potential that only she can see.

Then, at a critical moment, he intervenes decisively to rescue or save her--ideally, almost getting himself killed in the process. She then goes on to defeat the villain, save the world, and get all the credit--but Wonder Woman's thanks and respect make her spear-carrier the envy of his (male) peers.

In the end, the boy doesn't get the (super) girl--but he does prove himself a man. And the fantasies of millions of male comic-book readers are fulfilled. If you can work in some kind of Leia-kissing-Luke-to-spite-Han moment, so much the better.

I'm not actually all that familiar with Wonder Woman--I've never read the comic, and my memories of the TV show are dim--so I don't know if there's a character in her supporting cast who could fill this role. But it seems like the most obvious approach.
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