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Re: The Defiance Thread - News about the Show and Game

The videogame and the TV series are set in two different cities but in the same setting, so I suspect there will be little direct interaction between their two plots. In the first season I'd expect - at most - an offhand line about something that happened in the game world.

As season two is being developed and in-between seasons they could let what players do in the game world shape where they want to take it that year, but I'm sure they'd control what kind of choices those would be.

I dunno. It's an interesting idea, but beyond respecting the lore of the game setting as equal to the TV show (which is the exact opposite of say the Star Trek model) I don't see them getting a lot out of it.

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It's funny, a few months back I was having a conversation with someone I knew about Falling Skies. He began asking "what's that other show, the one that's basically a rip-off of Falling Skies?"
It's the same genre, but if he thinks Falling Skies invented post-apocalyptic alien invasion shows weeeeell.... no.
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