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Greg Cox
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Re: Syfy's 20th Anniversary Special and the Viability of More Farscape

It's mostly movies and reality now, especially on Tuesdays and Wednesday.
But that's pretty much always been the case. Even back in the glory days of FARSCAPE and such, Sci Fi only had one or two nights of original programming. Most of their schedule consisted of BIONIC WOMAN reruns or whatever . . . .

Arguably, Syfy now has more original series and programming than it ever has before. Sure, some of it is reality shows, but that the case with all cable and non-cable channels now. Reality shows are just part of the TV landscape these days, like game shows and variety shows used to be.

Speaking of reality TV, I was pleased to see that WHO WANTS TO BE SUPERHERO got a shout-out on the anniversary special. That was a fun little show. I still have an autographed cast photo proudly displayed in my office . . . .
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