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Re: Syfy's 20th Anniversary Special and the Viability of More Farscape

Greg Cox wrote: View Post
Sliders was mentioned briefly, along with other shows inherited from other networks.

And I really like FACE-OFF. It's a good show, especially if you're into makeup effects.

In general, the Syfy anniversary special was a nice stroll through memory lane, that managed to encompass most of the network's history and output, although I found it odd that MERLIN went completely unmentioned, especially with the new season debuting next month. Granted, it's a British import, but CONTINUUM and LOST GIRL are both Canadian imports and they got plenty of coverage . ...
Yeah I was surprised there was no talk about Merlin. Actually the thing I was waiting for was anything on bringing Smackdown to Syfy, or just anything on WWE at all. Seems to me that WWE has a big presence now on Syfy and I was wondering how they were going to spin it. Also, there was a comment during the reality TV section saying how syfy needs to fill it's schedule and that's why they have reality TV. That's all well and good, but have you seen their schedule lately? It leaves a lot to be desired, and I'm not really talking about their series all that much. It's mostly movies and reality now, especially on Tuesdays and Wednesday.

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