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Re: "The Dark Knight Rises" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

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Moving along, I was thinking lately... How old is Bane? He was an adult when Talia was a baby, so that could put him in his mid 40s or mid 50s, or even 60ish. Anyone try to do the math?
Assuming that Talia/Miranda is the same age as her actor (37), assuming that young Talia was around 7 when she escaped frm the Pit, and assuming that Bane was at least 15 when he saved young Talia from death? That means that Talia's escape would have been about 30 years before the events of the film, and thus that would make Bane around 45 during his takeover of Gotham City.

Of course, Marion Cotillard could pass for someone in her early 30s, too, which would put Bane somewhere in his late 30s or early 40s.


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it gave us something we've never seen on film... The end of Batman, or at least Bruce as Batman.
As with so many aspects of the film, that was done far better by the original Batman in The Mask of Zorro.
I do not understand how you could possibly argue that The Mask of Zorro is in any respect superior to The Dark Knight Rises. The Mask of Zorro is a piece of popcorn action fluff; The Dark Knight Rises may not be an arthouse film, but it's a deeper and more sophisticated work than Masks on every level.
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