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This really is my gateway to anime series in the 80s. Loved it then, love it now. Macross saga is obviously the best and I still enjoy the MOSPEADA part too. Southern Cross not so much. At any rate, if you're interested Macross has had several movies and sequels in Japan - some good, some bad.

Macross Do You Remember Love (Ai Oboeteimasuka) is the movie version of the original show and is a phenomenal distilling of the story down to 2 hours.

Flashback 2012 is a neat little music compilation video of scenes from the original series and DYRL with a few minutes of new animation showing Hikaru (Rick) and Misa (Lisa) leaving earth on the colony ship Megaroad 1.

Macross 2 is the canon-disavowed sequel that was a 6-episode straight to video series. It was okay, but basically a retelling of the original story with the Zentraedi masters, The Marduk, attacking earth.

Macross Plus is a phenomenal story set 30ish years after the original story - 4 straight to video episodes compiled into one movie about a couple of competing test pilots going for the military contract for the next generation Valkyrie (Veritech). Also both chasing the same piece of ass.

Macross 7 sucks. Period.

Macross Zero was a prequel and turned out about as great as most prequels do.

Macross Frontier is the latest series and it's actually mostly good again.

Anyway, if you're interested at all, I really recommend most of the continued Macross universe.
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