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MASSIVE Elementary School Shooting in CT *12-24 Maybe be dead

I live in Massachusetts, and the reports were three injured, and the gunmen and principal dead. It happened at 9:41am when a 19-25 year old ended the school.

It just got worse.

ABC was reporting 12 dead, CBS is reporting AT LEAST 12 CHILDREN dead then another 12 adults killed.

A news conference will come in about 15 minutes.

Maybe two gunmen... AT LEAST 27 dead.

This is the very latest...

At 9:30 this morning a 20 year old went into the school and started shooting. A few of the gunshots went over the loud speaker, and the school went into lock down. The gunman seems to be targeting his mother. She was killed while teaching her kindergarten class. 18 students and 6 adults died in the school. Two students and an adult were taken to a local hospital. There two of the students died, the adult will be physically OK.

There was only one gunman and he is dead.

There is a secondary related crime scene in town, one adult dead. It's rumoured to be the shooters dad. That's unconfirmed.

To clear things up...
Only one shooter.
He was never in NJ, he lived in CT.
He was 20, and not 24.
The shooter's name is Adam, not Kyle. Kyle is his brother. I just want to make clear we don't accuse the wrong person. However giving a name to this scumbag would make him seem human. I will just call him "shooter".
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