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Re: Looking for Avatar Help? Check here!

Digikitten posted this on their site the other day:

Important Announcement for Members

Please be advised that Digikitten Universe no longer hosts signatures and avatars for non participating members. If you are an active member of Digikitten and wish to participate in the many Photoshop Tennis and other graphics games you can be given ample space. Please contact a admin or supermod if you are a new member and would like to join in the games. If you would just like to use Digikitten for uploader access and not be an active member you may purchase uploader space that comes with a free 2 MB webmail for $5.00 USD - You may visit for more details.

So it's pay or play now, if you want Av hosting there.

I'd be willing to host a few Avs on my site.

edited 'cuz digikitten's spelling errors bugged me.
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