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Re: Fantastic Four reboot-- Casting, Rumors, Pix, ect;

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And Alba's skin tone is so pale that she could be from any European country.
When she's a brunette, I can see that. But dyeing her hair blond made her look more Latina to me than she usually does, somehow. Maybe all I'm saying is that she didn't look natural as a blonde.

But like I said, my problem was more with Evans's lack of resemblance to Alba than the reverse. I resent the way everyone's trying to read some kind of ugly racism into my words, making the false assumption that it was Alba's ethnicity I had a problem with. All I'm saying is that to me, in that movie, Alba and Evans didn't look related. I'm not saying anything about what's possible in real life, because we're not talking about real life, we're talking about a work of fiction, and it's about impressions. As a rule, if you're casting siblings, you try to cast them to resemble each other. That's not a race thing, it's just a general casting thing. As I've said over and over, I would've been fine with recasting either Johnny or Sue, or both. It is not about Alba specifically the way the rest of you keep trying to make it. I'm sorry if I inadvertently reminded you of some issues that are troubling to you, but that wasn't my intention. Obviously I've miscommunicated something. This is becoming a bigger deal than I ever intended. It's not that important to me, just a subjective impression. And I'm certainly willing to concede that my impressions could be in error. So maybe we should just wrap it up and move on.
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