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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

You're arguing against yourself. The fact that not everything in the Marvel Universe is superhero-related is exactly the point. SHIELD is obviously not a "superhero" series specifically. We've been explicitly told that the show will stand largely apart from the movies, and not one of the characters established so far is a superhero of any sort, or even a previously established comics character. It is not a superhero show. It's a show about government agents dealing with security threats that would arise within the Marvel Cinematic Universe -- a universe that we already know includes a mix of alien and supernatural phenomena as well as all sorts of advanced weird science. So it stands to reason that SHIELD will face a variety of non-superhero-related crises which will surely arise from a mix of technological, paranormal, and extraterrestrial causes. The similarities to Weird Desk are obvious. No, of course they're not exactly alike, but the point is that they're similar enough in genre and approach that ABC felt they might compete for viewers.
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