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Re: The "what are you working on?" Art thread.

Well since you asked what we're up to, I've been going back to my Enterprise deck plans project. I've been working on this off and on since, like, 2006...? It's certainly WIP and it's only intended to be a sort of digital sketch to help me figure out where everything might go. The intent here is not to do a fully screen-accurate Enterprise, but, rather, let's assume that Star Trek was a tv show based on the actual missions of the actual Enterprise and they had to make some production compromises when they built their sets (much like how other shows of similar vintage but set on, say, a submarine or navy ship, don't really look like true versions of those vessels either). So, I'm making what the "real" ship might have been. Anyhow, I'm not quite ready to start it's own thread (someday...) but enjoy this snapshot of my current progress now:

This is the widest deck in the saucer. I'm assuming a 1080 foot long ship. I intend to make an idealized model of this thing when I'm done and intend to use the 18" Round2 re-pop of the classic Enterprise kit to do so, so I'm gonna use the proportions of that ship for this project.

The red stuff is related to propulsion, the green is scanners and sensors, the blue are turbolift runs and the gray is piping and wiring areas. The three 22-man emergency evac transporters are on this deck. The five little purple dots near the middle are those triangular ladderways. That part in the middle third at about the 5:00 position is the ship's theater as not-quite-realized in "The Conscience of the King." One of several versions of the engineering set appears aft of the end of the turbolift run at the 3:00 position.

Anyhow, like I said, definitely WIP, but I'd figure I'd throw it out there, seeing as you asked...

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