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Re: So... where next?

^^^ Re: Singer, my comments from another thread:
He [Singer] seems to go in fits and starts with his BSG project. Every so once in a while he seems to be in between projects, looking for something new to do and the BSG thing comes up again. He makes several announcements and drops hints at interviews and then --poof!-- Something else comes along to catch his attention and BSG goes back on the shelf for another handful of years until the next time he gets bored. Wasn't it the Munsters reboot before (that later got axed?) Really? The Munsters?? Ugh...

I'm not really holding my breath with him anymore, although it would likely have been awesome. If it does eventually happen, I hope DeSanto gets involved again. I get the impression he was a balancing element for Singer in their original 2000 attempt and kept him relatively grounded and dedicated to the project.
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