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Re: The Hall of Forgotten Fanac: The James Dixon Collection

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So why did he hold fanzine sources (and they were fanzines, despite the pedestal he placed them on) like the Enterprise Officer's Manual and Medical Reference Manual above the dates in Okuda's Star Trek Chronology, which was obviously going to be THE dating system all future Trek would base itself on?
Because this was his religion, a religion formed in the '70s and early '80s and based on the material available at the time. Anything that came out that was consistent with the set of assumptions in use at the time, that fit into his dogma, he was fine with. But when new canon started to come along and contradict the assumptions of '70s fandom, he saw it as heresy and responded accordingly.

And religous extremists have a way of ignoring the inconsistencies in their own faith. I knew someone very similar on a local BBS back in the '90s, a Doctor Who fan who had an incredibly vicious, fanatical hatred for the '96 Paul McGann revival movie. His reasons for condemning it was that it was different from the original series, but he ignored how much the original series had changed, reinvented itself, and contradicted itself over its 27 years. The '96 movie was no more different from the last aired episode at the time, "Survival," than "Survival" had been from the series' first episodes back in 1963. It's just that the change had happened abrupty rather than incrementally. But he couldn't see that. To him, original Doctor Who was a pure, fixed, immutable construct and any new, different interepretation was blasphemy. His obsession was so unyielding that when the board finally closed down several years later, he came onto it in the final hours just so he could make one last post, apropos of nothing, ranting about how awful the McGann movie had been. I can't imagine how much he must hate the revival series. (Yes, the revival series is much better, but it's still very different from the original, and it does a lot of the same things that DW purists condemned as blasphemy about the movie, like having the Doctor kiss his companions.)

And then I came to the TrekBBS and interacted with James Dixon, and he made the Doctor Who guy seem mild in comparison.

By the way, I just did a search for TrekBBS posts by "James Dixon," and there are still ten threads containing comments by him, the most recent of which are from August 2005. Here's a typical sample of his posting style:
Simply because I give my Honest Opinion and it just happens to GO AGAINST THAT OF THE MAJORITY HERE, you're giving me a "trolling" warning?!!

What kind of "moderator" are you? One that MUST see ALL views flowing in the same direction? Do you Know what "trolling" is? Well, it's about posting crap which has no bearing on the formum's subject matter... Something I've NEVER violated...

If we all weren't afraid to say how we truly feel, this country might not be in so much debt today--and tens of thousands of People would still be alive!

Well, Mr. Mod, I want an Apology...
He didn't get one...
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