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Re: Earth: Final Conflict (beware spoiler)

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Did Okie ever post up his plan for EFC?
Back on one of the old Andromeda fan boards, he once made a brief post about his plans, but nothing very detailed, and I'm afraid I don't remember what he said.

By the way -- as i remember it, Season 4 FELT like they were heading back to the feeling of season 1....and that got me excited about Season 5. ooops.
I'd lost interest by season 4. In season 3, it had become focused on Liam and Renee, and the only character development either of them seemed to get was that they kept getting progressively blonder. And then there was Zo'or getting obsessed with getting rich, which was a tragic descent from the fascinating alienness and ambiguity the Taelons originally had.
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