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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

I know this is a bit off topic but I'm on vacation so I decided to have myself a WD marathon, I'm up to episode 3 and I'm once again baffled at why Merle is still stuck up on the roof hours, day/days after everyone left.

He is handcuffed to a 3/8" threaded rod, he could have kicked it lose from the clamp and L beam it is attached to in about 5 minutes or easily cut through it with the hacksaw in about 10 seconds even if it was stainless steel.

Second, I would think someone would pass out long and bleed to death before they finished cutting off their own hand.

Sorry, that is just something that bugged the piss out of me, I wish they would have handcuffed him to something that was a bit more believable that he would have been forced to cut off his own hand.
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