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Re: Starships underwater WTF???

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We're supposed to believe a huge Federation starship can come down through a planet's atmosphere, descend into a large body of water and submerge itself completely? And remain functional? And then just rise up into space again?? This is completely contrary to anything in established Trek history. Starships go in SPACE, they're not submarines. Only an idiot would think a starship could pull a stunt like that and not be CRUSHED by the crushing forces of H20, nature's deadliest liquid. Every ship that ever sank did so in WATER! And they were built for it! Look what happened to the Klingon ship in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home for more proof!

The Trek I knew is dead, replaced with this unjustified nonsense. Star Trek: Insurrection is not true Star Trek. Screw Rick Berman and his idiotic "kewl" popcorn-movie stunts. Gene Rodenberry would be rolling in his grave. I'm through with Star Trek
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