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My personal battle thoughts

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Starships able to travel at faster-than and near light-speed velocities, firing phaser beams and so forth would doubtless be handled better by computers than by people?
Well, if we are trying to get all realistic and such, if I were writing a bible for a reboot of Trek, here would be my battle rules:

1) Combat within the gravity well of a star must be at impulse speeds. Warp drive use within the gravity well of a star (or other major source of gravitational pull) can lead to undesirable effects on local space, planets, etc.

2) FTL Combat in the true interstellar medium can only take place using projectile weapons. Beam weapons cannot function at FTL speeds.

3) Maximum range for phasers would be 100 kilometers.

4) Maximum range for torpedoes would be dependent upon their speed. At warp 8, a torp has 10 seconds of effective powered life. Based on your warp scale, expand life as you slow the torp down.

5) Shields take 10 seconds to regain one percentage point of effectiveness after a hit, provided the shield generator has not suffered damage.

6) Electronic Countermeasures are in use (per Forbin's example), at least for projectile weapons. Beam weapons will be close enough for a visual lock, and thus, unless you are carrying around a giant inflatable starship in your hangar deck, you won't be fooling anyone with a little ECM drone.

Just my thoughts.

Not strictly related to combat, per-se, but I would also find a way to equip all crew members with some sort of emergency evac suit that went on when action stations were called. (Yes, I know I am ripping that idea from the HH books, but it makes a world of sense, and allows for a great episode where Captain Yirk and Commander Yor float into one another after destroying their mutual commands, grab bladed weapons, and have a weightless battle to iconic fight music!)

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