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Re: Why don't I like Walking Dead? (Spoilers up to 3x06 at least)

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Also in this season they've made one of the most likeable characters on the series - Andrea - much less so as she's seemingly switched sides for safety's sake. I didn't see that coming either.
Wait a second--she's one of the most likeable? She's been a major ass throughout the series. In season one, she's crappy to Dale. Season two she's running around trying to assert herself as a gunslinger, screws a psychopath (Shane), remains crappy to Dale, and worst of all, she plays some irresponsible game with a teenage girl (Beth) when the latter was considering suicide. Jump to season three, and with half of it in the can, she's still an ass with her lust for the Governor, ignoring Michonne's concerns, etc.
in all fairness what has Michonne given Andrea, "I don't like this place" grunt grunt.
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