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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

Most cooldowns are tied to the start of a mission. So if you don't have time to run it, go ahead and start it. Then next time you log in (with more time), you can run the mission then immediately run it again.

Change of subject

Is it necessary to grow those alien dogs? I think it's kind of cute as a pup, but I saw someone with a large one and it was downright ugly.

Tip - If you know that you should have one of the missions available to research or grow one but don't see it when you click on the Researcher, check your Personal available assignments.

I still see folks running around shooting player characters with their Flurry's and Avalanches. How are they doing that? It won't let me target another player character.

If you're into Accolades, don't forget that you can earn 4 or so in the Winter Wonderland.

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