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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

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I think what Christopher was saying is that the XFiles they were solving were often causing them to go up against the Gov't covering stuff up, whih is the opposite of SHIELD who would be doing top secret stuff and doing the covering up
Ah, I see. I'm just thinking of government agency investigating spooky stuff versus spy organization dealing with SMERSH or something.

Christopher wrote: View Post
Oh, come on, plenty of superheroes/villains cross over into the paranormal: Dr. Strange, Blade, Werewolf by Night, Madame Web, you name it. Heck, Thor is an actual deity, at least in the comics.
Blade and Jack Russell aren't superheroes. I don't know who Madame Web is. Just because a character appears in a comic book doesn't make them a superhero. There's a world of difference between a concept inspired by James Bond and a concept inspired by Carl Kolchak. I highly doubt that SHIELD will be a "paranormal" series.
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