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Re: NCC = Not Constitution Class?

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"One, is that it shouldn't be omitted that the reason why Jefferies picked 1701 wasn't for meaning, it was rather because '1' '7' and '0' are easily identifiable from a distance. As others have indicated, the 17th class, model 01 thing was after-the-fact."
I'm not aware there is any proof for the "after-the-fact" theory. On the contrary, the genuine production sketch from the production period is a clear hint that the Enterprise was indeed the "first bird", the "first in the series":

Again, the entire "NCC-1700" (= USS Constitution) business was an invention of Greg Jein made to fit a pet theory of his which then was adopted by Franz Joseph Schnaubelt.

Where Greg Jein's own theory fell apart was the moment he assigned registry numbers beginning with "16" to the Constitution Class (not considering that the starship status flat screen in "Court-Martial" might simply be displaying "starships" that are still awaiting essential upgrades, including those of the 16th design).

IMHO, the logical conclusion would have been to assign the registry number "NCC-1600" to the USS Constitution (or "NCC-1601", had he been aware of Matt Jefferies' production sketch, then).

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