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Syfy's 20th Anniversary Special and the Viability of More Farscape?

Just curious if anyone caught this this week, and what did you think. I honestly haven't watched any Syfy (Hate that name) since Caprica but I figured they are celebrating 20 years and this is the only night they will bring back Farscape to TV, I would watch and see what it was. I ended up enjoying it, even though it was basically you're typical retrospective.

However, and I'm not sure when they did the interviews, the comments were made by Hanson and O'Bannon that they don't believe Farscape is done. It got me to start thinking, maybe the series won't come back to TV, but what about movies? I know Sarenity did well, and I would love to see a new Farscape series, but I would also like to see if Farscape can work on the big screen. I know it's a long shot for this to happen and Syfy isn't in the business for the space opera anymore (Let alone most of sci-fi) but it would be nice to get more Farscape one day.

As for the new crop of shows, I missed out on Eureka, Warehouse 13, and now Lost Girl, but that Continuum and Defiance look interesting. Might try one or both of them out. Also, while I'm not a fan of reality TV, that Face/Off show looks interesting too. Has anyone seen it and is it worth watching a season?

Still wish we had a real sci-fi channel, but what we got last monday was a nice bit of nostalgia.
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