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Re: Diet Cards vs. Food Synthesizers

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^I beg to disagree. Military people tend to stay fit (at least combat personnel), more so than civilians. StarFleet personnel are military, especially in TOS. My (in universe) thoughts are two-fold on this:

1- due to long periods of less activity for most of the crew, long-term monitoring of their diets should be part of the CMO's duties

2- as our knowledge of the need for a healthy diet grows, future space crews would be even more educated... thus willfully choosing healthy foods, with only occasional bouts of excess
1. That's my point. There has to be *some* kind of regulation/oversight, be it medical or computerized by putting limits on access to the food synthesizers. I'm simply curious as to the mechanics of how it's enforced.

2. I must also disagree. The problem even today isn't that we don't know junk food is bad for us. That's why we feel guilt (among other things) after overindulging. Knowing that a good diet is essential to good health and having the psychological strength and long-term wherewithal to resist temptation are two very different things. Unless we've found a way to turn off an evolutionary preference for high-fat, high-sugar foods in the human brain (particularly during times of stress), it will always be a struggle: it's merely human. So we must have figured out something to control those impulses - external, third-party monitoring would fit the bill.
You agreed with me before you disagreed... so I win.

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