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Re: Diet Cards vs. Food Synthesizers

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Any theories? We never see a fat crew member during all five years of the mission, so they must be doing something right. :P
Haven't you ever heard of Shatner's infamous girdle? His weight varied throughout the series.
Yeah, *Shatner's* weight yo-yoed like crazy, but it's not his fault he couldn't physically contain all the awesome that was Captain James T. Kirk. :P

My point is, in-universe, no one has weight problems (obviously, in our reality, it was and remains another story entirely). Given human behavior patterns, I find it remarkable that not one of 430 men and women on board struggled with having any food available at any time if they simply said the word. Either they are far more disciplined than we give them credit for, or some kind of management was in place to help them.

I mean, come on. If you were going away on a very dangerous five-year mission, leaving all your friends and family behind to go live in space, not only would you be stressed as hell, but Earth(like) food would be the one comfort available to remind you of home. And if you were a redshirt, you've seen how the herd has been thinned lately, so it's not like you'd worry much about long-term consequences of a poor diet!
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