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Re: About that episode with the Klingon D-7 attacking Voyager...

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There's something that always bothered me about this episode...

How could a 23rd Century Klingon ship that hasn't seen the Alpha Quadrant for generations possibly recognize a 24th century Federation ship? Voyager doesn't look anything like any of Starfleet's 23rd century vessels...

I'm sure there was an explanation in the episode's dialogue but, I don't remember now...
Looks a lot like Voyager fires its phaser shot from the rear torpedo launcher there.
Oh well, I'll just assume it's a nod to Darmok and get on with my life

Still, props to the very first scene though. It opens up and you're thinking "Oh well, standard establishing stock shot, how boring" then BAM, something exciting happens.

Way to throw us off there
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