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The Hall of Forgotten Fanac: The James Dixon Collection

Those who've been around a while may appreciate this. I've started a new section on my Web site called "the Hall of Forgotten Fanac." Its first exhibit is the James Dixon Collection.

It occurred to me recently that there's a hell of a lot of fanac that is lost to history. I personally remember a 20-foot-high hand-woven tapestry of the wedding scene from "Amok Time" that appeared at Star Trekon '76 in Kansas City. There were fanzines and newsletters, home-made props, costumes, etc. Almost all of it is now lost to history.

The Hall of Forgotten Fanac is my attempt to preserve some of this. It seemed appropriate to start with James Dixon. Love him or hate him (well, ok, probably just hate him), but the man worked hard on his fanac. It deserves a place in the Hall.

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