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I was incredibly surprised at how lazy some of the "Super Samurai" copying and pasting was.

Sometimes it was word for word/scene for scene from "Shinkenger". The only difference was Caucasian actors.
Which isn't necessarily a bad thing in itself, if the material being adapted is worthwhile. But it seemed problematical in this particular case, since samurai were a hereditary noble class, so the idea of non-Japanese people being samurai seemed incongruous.

However, I did a little research (i.e. checked Wikipedia), and it turns out there apparently were a few Westerners who were named samurai by the Shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu. And they were given honorary Japanese names. So I suppose it's not entirely impossible that this multiethnic bunch of characters could be descended from samurai families, and that Jayden and Lauren's family could be known as Shiba. It's a pretty huge stretch, but then, the franchise has never exactly been known for plausibility or historical verisimilitude. (Angel Grove somehow managed to be both a colonial American town in the 18th century and a Western town in the 19th despite being in California in the 20th.)
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