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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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No, your preferences are yours and your own. Your knowledge on the subject of OAR is lacking. There is a difference. You're free to watch it as you like, as I said (which you conveniently edited out of quoting me.) But if you want to twist and distort the image to fill your TV screen... again, your choice.
I've completed 3.5 years of film school and have for the last 2 years been working at a somewhat high profile post production house and am a filmmaker myself. My knowledge of OAR isn't lacking, I know a fair bit about the subject, you just assume it is because my opinion differs from yours.

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It's no different than those who wanted "full frame" versions of widescreen movies to fill their 4:3 TV screens. But of course you've been told this already, and don't seem to care. In the end, it doesn't matter.
For some people, maybe, but for me, it's not about 'filling my screen', I don't care about having my screen filled. If I did, I wouldn't watch 2.39:1 movies in their OAR. But I love that aspect ratio and don't care about the black bars. For me, what it comes down to, is that I think the show looks better with the wider image and the slightly tighter framing that comes along with it, and I appreciate the choice of being able to view it that way. I understand it's not my show, I didn't work on it, it was theirs and they were the filmmakers who framed it how it is. It is, however, my bluray to watch in my home how I wish.

I'm not against watching shows in 4x3 aspect ratio, I still do it all the time. Even when I watch TNG on tv. (but that's mainly because trying to zoom in on the current broadcast versions is just too much of a drop in image quality )

I know you have said it's my choice and I appreciate that. It's just the part about my knowledge being 'lacking' I take issue with because you don't know me.

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P.S. Interesting that you took my mention of "the uninformed" as meaning you specifically, when I didn't mention you or address you at all.
I realise that now. It's just your post came after a couple that did mention me directly. And since yours was the last post it's the one I replied to.

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At least you're aware you are looking at the subject (and the TV show) wrong. Good. If some part of you recognizes that, perhaps you'll figure it out.
Nothing to figure out...
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