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Re: So... where next?

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Isn't Bryan Singer's Battlestar Galactica film going to be a thing? Not the reboot he proposed before Ron Moore got to develop the franchise, I mean his more recent stab with the film rights (which Syfy never had).

Not something that will fit into the canon of Ron D. Moore's show (well, Singer is ambiguous about this, but I think we can at least assume it's a reboot with a new Adama and a new Galactica), but last I heard it was still going ahead. That, if anything, is the future of BSG.

In general I think the nuBSG franchise is over, barring some more Blood & Chrome. I'd already gone through the post-mortems after Caprica, which - for all its flaws - was the best chance of a contiuation it ever had.
I agree with a lot of what you've said here. I think the next step would be the Singer reboot-if that gets off the ground.

We might get more B&C-I'm hoping but doubtful. I don't think there is much space left for the Ron Moore BSG. It told a pretty complete story and with Caprica's failure and B&C up in the air, it's not looking good. Plus I don't think there's enough general interest to explore the nooks and crannies of the Moore-BSG universe on TV or in films. Not sure about comics or novels. It seems like BSG-old or new-have a spotty record in the comics.

I liked the new show a lot, but I always will have a fond spot for the old show. So if Singer can revive that, I'm cool with leaving Moore's BSG behind.
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