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Re: Green Arrow (CW)

Finally caught up with the midseason finale. I liked it well enough, but it didn't knock it out of the park.

I guess the show is going the Raimi Spider-Man route now with Malcolm as the Dark Archer. I thought the reveal was okay, it felt a bit underwhelming. I wish it had been more dramatic. I also wish that the situation with Walter had been more final, to give the show more punch. I like Colin Salmon but I've long thought his days were numbered on the show and was hoping we would get a good end for his character.

Granted, with Walter being held hostage it's more leverage on Moira. But Moira already seemed fearful enough to keep in line anyway. The hostage thing might piss her off enough to finally turn against Malcolm and the organization. Hope the organization gets a name soon. Wishful thinking that it could be the Court of Owls. Though the 100 or 1000, League of Assassins/Shadows works just as well. In fact, making it the League of Shadows would be very cool and tie the show even more to the Nolan films.

I hope we get a little explanation of how Malcolm became this badass archer that can fight Oliver. A flashback or a bit of dialogue would be helpful.
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