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You are being so intellectually disingenuous that it's bordering on hilarious. You keep on saying that you're not on either side and you take some passing shots at Bettman, and then you go on about how the big bad Donald Fehr is the real problem.

You have agreed that the existing CBA was perfectly fine, outside of the loophole mega contracts that the NHLPA already agreed to fix. The players first said they'd love to continue playing under the CBA, with a few tweaks to fix things like those contracts. Then, after the league dug in, the union began making concession after concession -- remember, the players have consented to going down from 57 percent of hockey-related revenue to 50 percent of hockey-related revenue. They don't see a cent of arena, concession and parking revenues (think about that the next time you pay ten bucks for a stadium beer). In terms of overall revenue, the players' share was already 50 / 50 at best under the former agreement.

I'm not necessarily pro-player -- I'm pro-the side that did not decide to start an ideologically driven labor war and start the league's third work stoppage in two decades when the system was working perfectly fine. Do you know why Major League Baseball hasn't had a sniff of labor strife outside of a possible strike over drug testing in 2002 (which Fehr quashed) for decades? Because after he got Bud Selig and company finally behaving like adults and bargaining like equals, everyone realized that the league and the players are in it together it's best for both sides to benefit. That's why the NHLPA hired Fehr. After tossing Bob Goodenow out on his worthless ass, they knew from the two prior lockouts that they'd be going through the same lockout song and dance seven years later, and they knew they needed a strong representative.

You still have yet to answer the question: When you agree that the CBA was fine, how are the players -- and Fehr -- the problem? This isn't the union going on strike to go back to the pre-2005 CBA, this is the owners deciding to blow up a collective bargaining agreement that was making everyone money hand over fist.

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