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Re: NHLOL Offseason

There's no backpedalling involved. Learn to read all of a post, not just the parts that suit your fancy. I've stated quite clearly that the only players I have any sympathy and respect for are the third and fourth line guys making barely more than league minimum or the players that stayed here in NA to play charity games instead of bolting to Europe to take jobs from other people.

You're pro-player. I'm not. I don't support either side. Some of the owners are a problem. Not all of them. Some of the players are a problem. Not all of them. Bettman has flaws and I've never liked him. Fehr has flaws and I've never liked him either. But it's hardly worth the long, drawn out back and forth you seem to be seeking. The subject just isn't that interesting and making sure I've dotted all my I's and crossed all my T's to your satisfaction, and expanded on every single little point so there can be no room for even the teensiest tiniest bit of misinterpretation, on a quick reply on a message board isn't something that I need to do.

Another poster posted views similar to my own one page back. See if he's interested in debating the issue with you.
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