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Re: Fantastic Four reboot-- Casting, Rumors, Pix, ect;

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If you didn't know who Jessica Alba was, her Sue Storm was okay.
I don't know what that means. Are you saying that you think she had a bad reputation that negatively colored people's perceptions of her in the role? That wasn't the case with me. I had no reason to be biased against her. I recall having been unimpressed by her on Dark Angel, but I was open to the possibility that she'd improved since then -- and she was so hot that I really wanted to like her. And yet I found her performance unimpressive.

I also didn't think she was a good fit to the character. Perhaps it would be better to say that if you didn't know who Sue Storm was, Alba's Sue was okay. But if you knew what a powerful, mature, impressive figure she's become in the comics, Alba's version just seemed insubstantial by comparison.

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They could always have hired a better actor to play the part but JA did an okay job.
The problem is that it was just an "okay" job. "Okay" isn't good enough for the Fantastic Four. Plenty about the FF movies was okay, but they were okay movies in an era of great superhero movies. The FF should be the crown jewel of the Marvel Universe, not an also-ran.

So much of the butthurt I'v heard about this casting has had to do with JA's race, anyway.
My problem was more with Chris Evans's race. I'm not opposed in principle to the idea of Sue Storm being Hispanic, but if so, shouldn't Johnny have been Hispanic too?

And again, my lack of regard for Alba's talent as an actress has nothing to do with her race, because I'm not a bigot or a moron, thank you very much. I like her ethnicity. It looks fantastic on her. And I like seeing diverse casts in general. But Jessica Alba just can't act very well.

I liked the first FF movie more than I liked Batman Begins. I thought it was closer to being what it should have been than BB was.
At least BB was about its protagonist actually becoming a hero. The FF didn't really do anything heroic in their first movie. They were mainly just dealing with their own personal issues, and endangering other people in the process. Okay, when they inadvertently caused the disaster on the bridge, they did manage to save the lives they'd endangered, but it doesn't really count as heroism when you're responsible for the problem in the first place. Then the rest of the movie was about them defending themselves from Doom, who never seemed to have any specific malevolent agenda against anyone but the FF themselves. They weren't trying to stop him from taking over the world or destroying a city, just trying to stop him from killing the four of them. And in order to do so, they had Johnny risk igniting the atmosphere and killing everyone on the planet. So, to sum up, the FF risked the destruction of all life on Earth in service to their own self-interest. That means the FF were actually the villains of their own movie.

Even though the second FF was a disappointment, I thought it captured the group's public image very well.
I liked the second movie significantly more than the first. At least they actually helped other people there.
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