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Re: Thoughts on the Typhon Pact (Cold Equations spoilers)

On the subject of Nausicaans :

Given that Nausicaa was laid waste during Destiny, I wonder if the Nausicaan state even exists anymore (and I doubt it was very strong to begin with). We've had a few hints in books like Warpath that there was at least some centralized authority in the past, that they weren't a true anarchy like the Chalnoth, but I can't see the Nausicaan diaspora paying too much attention to anyone back home. And now that home is gone...well, the Nausicaans don't seem the kind to have detailed plans of succesion and coordinated strategies for dealing with major disaster, so I assume the Nausicaan state is no more. That said, I do wonder what the Nausicaans across the galaxy are doing now. How many care about the homeworld's loss? Are any of them they making an effort to calculate their numbers and gather together?
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