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Re: TNG: Silent Weapons by David Mack Review Thread (Spoilers!)

My random thoughts, without the benefit of paragraphs: I vote average, but a high average, if that makes sense. I wasn't as gripped for the first half as I was in Persistence of Memory, but things picked up in a big way. I liked the return of Master Bateson, and I smiled at the Ship of the Line reference. The Orions seem to live and dress an awful lot like 21st century humans. Their world is kinda like a modern version of a TOS "60's Earth planet" - an interesting change of pace after exploring so many alien cultures recently. Data 2.0 continues to be familiar yet uncomfortably different. I'm not sure how Geordi isn't more freaked out by his BFF's human-ish tendencies. The damaged Breen androids were described almost exactly like Terminators, right down to the glowing red eyes, which was kind of cheesy. We've seen Soong-type androids damaged before and while they've never looked the same twice they never resembled a Terminator. The big reveal at the end was kind of a "WTF?" - I assume from comments in this thread it was the mirror universe the Breen wormhole-drive ship was from but unless it's setting up something in book 3, it felt like the reason for everything was plucked at random from a hat. I did very much like Šmrhová. Let's hope she lasts!

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