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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

Speaking of shows that remind you of the X-Files...

Described as “The X-Files meets The Matrix“, DarkNet is a mystery series about a couple of cyber-crime investigators who stumble across a far-reaching conspiracy to change the course of human evolution. “On one level, DarkNet‘s a cautionary tale about transhumanism inspired by something Ray Bradbury said,” Balcer said. “He thought the Internet was a massive scam perpetrated by computer companies. I thought, what if he was only half-right, and they had something far more sinister in mind.”

DarkNet, produced by Universal Cable Prods., centers on a woman with an MIT degree whose younger sister disappeared years ago, allegedly a victim of a cyber predator. As part of her quest to find the truth, the woman joins the FBI’s cyber crime unit where she is partnered with a former hacktivist who recruited by the FBI after serving time in jail.
Sounds like the topic could be cool, but I liked Weird Desk's nerd guy/ass-kicking gal combo more than what this sounds like, which I hope won't be Ms. Strait Laced Prig vs Smartass Punk. Unless they want to break out of the format and gasp not expect them to have any romantic chemistry...if the hacktivist is played by a really deft actor like Jimmi Simpson, I guess it wouldn't be too bad...
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