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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

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And yet "paranormal" has a certain specific meaning in its typical usage, which includes neither superheroes nor James Bond. It's not a word that a network press release would include to describe either.
Oh, come on, plenty of superheroes/villains cross over into the paranormal: Dr. Strange, Blade, Werewolf by Night, Madame Web, you name it. Heck, Thor is an actual deity, at least in the comics. Okay, in the movies he's an alien, but that's one of the areas Weird Desk would've covered as well. Superheroes are not a single genre; they're broad enough to incorporate all sorts of genres from high fantasy to science fiction to gritty noir realism. Of course the SHIELD show is going to have episodes involving paranormal threats, episodes involving alien threats, episodes involving weird science, you name it. It's all going to be in there because it's all part of the Marvel Universe.

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I think what Christopher was saying is that the XFiles they were solving were often causing them to go up against the Gov't covering stuff up, whih is the opposite of SHIELD who would be doing top secret stuff and doing the covering up
Yes, of course. Mulder & Scully did work for the FBI, but they were lower-echelon people kept in the dark about the big conspiracy that other branches of the government were involved with. They were trying to expose the secrets others in the government were keeping. They weren't keeping the secrets themselves.

The "Weird Desk" organization -- above the President, handed cases too big for the CIA -- sounds like it's at the top of the secret-keeping pyramid. It's a completely opposite power dynamic from The X-Files. It's closer to Warehouse 13. And obviously similar to SHIELD, which is about an ultra-powerful top-secret agency that's apparently above the authority of any single government (in the movie it seemed to answer to a global council) and handles the cases nobody else can handle.
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