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Re: Fantastic Four reboot-- Casting, Rumors, Pix, ect;

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If you didn't know who Jessica Alba was, her Sue Storm was okay.
I agree. They could always have hired a better actor to play the part but JA did an okay job. So much of the butthurt I'v heard about this casting has had to do with JA's race, anyway.

I liked the first FF movie more than I liked Batman Begins. I thought it was closer to being what it should have been than BB was. Plus FF 1 didn't put me to sleep.

In another FF thread, someone suggested Cristolph Waltz as Doom. If that poster is in this thread, he or she should stand up and take a bow.

I like the idea of mocap for the Thing. With the tech they have now, it is just like wearing prosthetics and lots of make-up. I think it is a good compromise between real life actor in a suit and big old clobberin' time Ben.

But because the FF are such over the top characters -- they have no secret identities, live in a lavish building in the middle of Manhatten, have huge fights with super villains in the middle of Manhatten, making a good one will not be easy. Even though the second FF was a disappointment, I thought it captured the group's public image very well.
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