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"Storage Wars" is an A & E show, not Discovery. I disagree about Brandi, she's not that cold Trekker. Yes she has been a bitch on the show, but she's had some light moments as well. We have no idea how these people are in real life. We see only a facet of them in controlled circumstances on camera. They all have "gimmicks" or roles they have been branded with on the show and play up to them. Barry is probably the most "real" person on the series and that is why everyone likes him so much. As mentioned he's my favourite cast member as well.
A&E, right, sorry.

As for Brandi, yeah she's had her moments of lightness and obviously there's more to her than what we see in the episodes, but still there's just moments in there where it just makes me wonder what Jarrod sees in her beyond the obvious.
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