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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

I have to say I'm really enjoying season 2 of TNG on blu ray HD. I've read all the pages on this thread some great stuff here keep it coming. Some things that I have taken in is as follows.

1. Yes I've noticed that the HD effects of the Enterprise are not as good as season 1 hopefully this will be addressed in later seasons some scenes are as good as season 1 if I hadn't read some of the comments here I would have not noticed the differences but it would of bugged me that some scenes don't look right .

2. I have to say I really enjoyed the season opener The Child all the changes to the characters and there positions this really stands out for me now more than ever I could remember it.

3. Some episodes in season 2 were a bit ropey and unintresting to me when I was growing up while watching this fantastic series but now I have grown older. I'm loving the episodes I hated when I was a kid. Just watched The Measure Of A Man brilliant story and some great acting !!!!

4. Other things I noticed the reveal of characters such as chief Obrien and I wished they could of used doctor selar more. Also enjoying how different Dr Pulaski is to Dr crusher character, she remind me of Dr McCoy character in TOS.

So as you can see I'm really enjoying this blu ray HD moment can't wait for season three possible the best season of the seven years and my favorite !!!
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