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Re: The Voyager episode flowchart!

Though the spacing is slightly different it's really short and it doesn't much matter to read it this way..

Don't sue me Mr. Dixon, kthxbye.


Well, here's something to chew on... Though it needs updating for the 7
of 9 era...

The Official/Authorized/Canon*
(Just like the writers use!)

START-->The Voyager is threatened by
aliens from a ship or planet...
Basic plot stolen from TOS If too weak, start concurrent
or TNG, emphasis upon flashy-->plot "B" which may be stolen
FX, not on characters or from some popular sci-fi
credibility... "formula" film...
| |
Time wasted in holodeck: either Paris' bar, Janeway's
holonovel, or Kim's yuppie retreat (Purpose: to give
the illusion that the characters are being developed)...
1. Janeway tries to act tough...
2. Chakotay talks to his spirit guide or dead dad...
3. Paris acts cocky and/or insubordinate...
4. Kim gets in trouble Chekov-style...
5. B'Ellana struggles with her Klingon/Human heritage and/or the
ship's engines...
6. Holo-Doc takes Data-like strives toward Humanity (leaves sickbay,
toys with a name, etc.) while acting like Dr. McCoy (grumpy,
"I'm a doctor, not a___" etc.)...
7. Tuvok tries to act like Spock (or tries to out-Spock Spock)...
8. Neelix adds comic relief ("Mr. Vulcan,..." food, etc.)...
9. Kes acts cute/naive and/or uses some new wonder power...
| |
| Kazons, Vidiians or some other Voyager damaged: bridge
| baddie attacks Voyager: more time-->panels inexplicably explode,
| wasted on FX... smoke, shields fail, etc...
| | |
| Character/s bark/s out------------->Optional: another shuttle
| sophisticated-sounding<-------------is lost...
|->TECHnobabble Dialog
NO incorporating "plasma"------------->Problem solved:
LIMIT and/or some made-up <-------------Characters act like they
fantasy particle... know what's going on...
| |
Guest star character dies |
(suicide, sacrifice, etc.) OR |
in an attempt to add meaning--> Voyager or regular character
to an otherwise meaningless in danger is saved from doom...
episode... |________________________________|
Episode ends abruptly
as though the writers
don't know how to end END
it conclusively...

* Copyright (C) 1997 By Paramount Pictures. All Rights Reserved.
To Continue Using This Chart You Must Mail In A Check For $25.00
To Ensure The Security Of Future Official Publications, And To
Enforce The Crackdown Against Illegal Fan Publications...

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