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Re: Survivor 25: Phillipines Discussion Thread

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I assumed all that scheming was in regards to the next tribal council. Too risky to go after Denise this time since it would give Abi too much power. Had they kept Abi in the final four, I think the other three would have been too worried about each other making deals with her.
There was also the thought that Denise stood a better chance of beating Malcom the final immunity challenge, giving the others a better chance to vote him out . . . .

Prediction: Penner will drop the "Facts of Life" card during the final T.C. This will be bad news for Lisa, who will have to go on the defensive to convince the jury that (1) she's not a rich Hollywood TV star, and (2) that she hasn't been "dishonest" about it the whole game.

To be fair, she never lied about her "former teen star" past, but could still be a problem. We all know how those final Tribal Councils can turn into orgies of hypocritical self-righteousness in which sore losers (who were perfectly fine with the plotting and scheming while they were in the game) suddenly get on their high horses about "playing with integrity" and so on.

I can see somebody giving Lisa a bad time about not coming clean about her past . . . .
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