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So any news on Discovery about this? Because it coming from Hester makes me doubt its authenticity. That man has probably ruined his busines(ses) because of utter dickery on the show so he's probably grasping at straws for notoriety.

If things ARE planted or fake I think that's somewhat expected or not too surprising. It has always seemed like SOMETHING was happening behind the scenes to make some of the lockers worth more. Especially some of the odder instances of things showing up. As for the cast, Barry is by far my favorite. I'd love to hang out with that guy he just seems like a hoot. Darrel seems okay but a bit too dickish at times. Brandi has only one thing going for her otherwise she's a complete, cold, bitch. Jarrod seems okay but has his balls in Brandi's purse.
he did have to sell his big warehouse already.

I don't know if his business problems are a direct result of his dickery on the show though. Apparantly prices of lockers has skyrocketed since the show first aired.

wonder if they actually got to keep and sell the stuff that was planted?
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