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Re: General Pro Wrestling News and Discussion Thread Part Deux!

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^It's not fair to say that only those women who were 'career wrestlers' achieved lasting success in the WWE, nor is it accurate: Trish Stratus (she of the 7 WWE Women's Championship reigns) and Michelle McCool (the Diva who's come the closest to being Trish's truest successor) started out their careers as a model/fitness instructor and teacher, respectively.
That's not what I'm saying at all. The list was all about listing who I felt wanted to be wrestlers the most (as in, "known" only for being a wrestler) out of all the Divas that worked for the WWE. Trish did well sure, the business grew on her, but when she originally debuted, she was definitely one of those people looking for a platform on which to launch their showbiz careers.

You also left Ivory off of your list, which further belies the argument you were trying to make since she started out her career as an actual wrestler the same way that the others you mentioned did.
No, I actually listed Ivory, look again.

The sentiment that the WWE's biggest problem is that they hire models/actresses rather than actual wrestlers also doesn't hold true because of the success that Kelly Kelly, Eve, and Layla have achieved; although none of those three will ever hold a candle to Trish, Lita, Beth Phoenix, and Kharma when it comes to their sheer in-ring ability, they actually do have in-ring skills.
No, WWE MAKES people successful more often than not, it's about how they are packaged and how much WWE gets behind them. This is why John Cena makes upwards of $5 million a year to come out and do the same routine, and why many independent professional wrestling virtuosos are living by the paycheck, as they re-define the art. Think about all the underwear models and wannabe actresses they have interviewed, and chosen not to hire. Think about how many models and actresses have failed upon being hired by WWE. There weren't many, up until recent times, but history shows that those with a wrestling background or a desire to be a professional wrestler (first and foremost), is consistent with people caring about the Divas division.
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