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Re: TOS Microtapes: help me settle a debate!

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TNG predicted the tablet computer (the padd)
Didn't TOS do that with the wedged sided "clip boards?"

There are rec room/mess hall scenes where crew members are eating and looking at this device on the tabletop in front of them, making it at least some kind of e-reader.

And there are scenes where people would seem to be making entries into it with a stylus, but not just using it to write things down.

In "The Corbomite Maneuver," navigator Bailey was employing one of these boards to figure the cube's range and position (why he didn't use his console I don't know).

In "The Alternative Factor," Lt. Masters would look at a wall display, do something with her board, and then look back at the wall display again. Apparently using the board to effect some kind of change. A wireless control panel app?

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