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Re: Earth: Final Conflict (beware spoiler)

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Did the first couple seasons of DS9 have a lot plotted out? DOn't get me wrong 00 i loved it (like Duet -- amazing episode).but i thought they just had a strong scenario (i.e. Bajor in the process of joining the Federation; dealing with the aftermath of a foreign occupation)... but not the big story arc that Babylon 5 had (and i wonder if EFC had a long term arc....we know that Andromeda, another Tribune tragedy, actually had one)
Nah, DS9 S1 and S2 weren't planned long term. And actually, even when they started planning in S3, I think they only planned 1 season ahead (Same thing with Buffy and most other shows). B5 having a plan all the way through from the get-go (though it morphed) was a rarity
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