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Re: NCC = Not Constitution Class?

Two points that I feel the need to reiterate.

One, is that it shouldn't be omitted that the reason why Jefferies picked 1701 wasn't for meaning, it was rather because '1' '7' and '0' are easily identifiable from a distance. As others have indicated, the 17th class, model 01 thing was after-the-fact.

Two, is that the obvious reason that the Constellation was 1017 was that it just reorganized the AMT kit stickers. Why they didn't just go with 1710 is beyond me. I assume whoever put the model together just didn't care, or realize. Jefferies probably hadn't dreamed up his rationalization yet. Alternatively, they may have felt that 1017 was more different from 1701 than 1710, and wanted to make clear that the wrecked ship was not the Enterprise.

I am grateful there are so many ways to rationalize away weird Constitution registries. I am personally fond of the visually undiscernable subclass suggestion.
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