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USS Sandy Springs Old-Style Blueprint

When I was a kid back in the 1970s, I wanted to be a starship designer. So, I was. My mom was a draftswoman, so she taught me how to use the tools of the trade. I spent hundreds of hours at drafting tables drawing designs for fanciful spaceships, most of them in the Trek universe. In late 2012, I found the box of all these old drawings in my attic. Wow, I was a fair draftsman at 13!

Here's one of them, the USS Sandy Springs, a Federation starship that I drew in April, 1979. I remember being inspired by the four-podded light posts in a shopping center parking lot. I had intentions to draw a complete set of plans for this ship, as I really liked the look. Not sure what kind of ship it would have been, but it was small and very fast with huge engines!

Thought all of you other starship designers who as kids drew pencil starships on the backs of school notebooks would enjoy this.

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