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Re: TNG: Silent Weapons by David Mack Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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We don't want the STO universe tied into the TrekLit continuity or canon continuity. STO is fun to play but it's stories are not compelling and do not present a future nearly as interesting as that created by the novel writers.
Sorry, I had a typo in my sentence. It was meant to be: There's NO destiny forcing characters to follow the same path.

Despite the discontinuities, some events can still turn out to be the same. In canon we saw the same uniform in three aborted futures. Natural catastrophes probably occur in several timelines (e.g. Hobus, though in STO it was artificially done by Praetor Taris and a Reman faction).

STO has nice stories, e.g. the Devidian incursion into the Eta Eridani sector block, attempting to pull it into their phase. Or the ongoing New Romulus plotline: D'tan building a new home for Romulans and Remans and the attempt to finally change the ways of the Romulans.

The thing I don't like - but it is dictated by the nature of it being a game - are the multiple wars. I'd rather see a future where the Federation peacefully absorbs all of its neighbours and grows to encounter the next cycle of angry powers (e.g. Fen Domar, Hirogen, Vomnin).
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